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In everyday life, we need Wi-Fi just like electricity and water. Most Internet Service Providers offer basic modem router, so most of the internet users prefer to install an additional Wi-Fi router at home. Many of us facing Wifi problems on daily basis and sometimes we end with to turn off our router.

Some Tips to Fix the WiFi Problems at Home

wifi problems

Place the router in the ideal place

This is the most important way to improve Wi-Fi coverage. Most users keep the router close to the corner of their houses or any window. This does not make the network of wires in the house but it also limits your Wi-Fi range, because the Wi-Fi signals are spread in Omni direction.

Therefore, the best way to keep the router is at home center point. This will give you better Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your house. Also, if you try to keep Wi-Fi router at your level or above level, this will keep your Wi-Fi signal better. Keep the router away from another device such as a cordless phone base station, other routers, printers and microwave oven.

Turn guest network on

Usually friends and others in your home come to the party, usually, you do not want to share your primary Wi-Fi passwords with them. The best way to do this is by enabling the guest network on your router, and you can keep a separate password for your guest network.

wifi problems

For this, you need to go to your router’s admin settings. There you will find guest network options on wireless tab. Here you can set the password with changing the name of the network. Apart from this, you can also choose the number of users connecting to the network here. In some routers, you also get the option to block the device if the internet is being used on a particular device. After this, when your friends leave the house, you can turn off the guest network and resume your home Wi-Fi.

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Repeaters – for a good range

Many times you are not able to access Wi-Fi network throughout the house with the router given by your internet service provider company. For this, you can replace your existing router with a more powerful router, or you can use the cheapest solution – repeater.

wifi problems

This device will increase the coverage area by taking a Wi-Fi signal from your router. WPS is the easiest way to connect the repeater. For this, you must turn on the repeater’s WPS button as you enable your router’s WPS.

Keep changing your Wi-Fi password

wifi problems

Have you ever changed your Wi-Fi password? Most users do not change the password after installing Wi-Fi router for the first time. You often share your password with your friends and neighbors if needed. This means that next time your friend or neighbor can use your Wi-Fi without permission. Therefore the way to avoid this is to change the password at a regular interval.

Occasional restarts

By the way, routers have always been made to work, but occasionally you can reboot them. Remember to reboot, not reset. The best way would be to turn the router off and talk for a while. Sometimes this method works even when there is a problem in connectivity. Turning on and off, the Internet starts running smoothly and correctly.

I hope this article might help you to fix some common WiFi Problems at your home.
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