Step By Step Guide to Take WhatsApp Chat Backup

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication tools across the world. Nowadays, WhatsApp becomes an easy platform to interact with officials, and so there is a chance to lose important documents or messages when you change your mobile or just because of some OS problems. This article will explain how to take WhatsApp Chat Backup and also to transfer to the new device.

Let’s start How to take WhatsApp Chat Backup.

For Android Users:

On the main interface of the app, there will be three points on the top right corner. Tap on them.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

Go to Settings then go to Chat & Calls or Chat. Now tap on chat backups. Here you will find the option to set up Google Drive. On this page, Google Drive settings will appear at the bottom.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

Tap Backup to Google Drive, and here you can also set the backup time. You will have choices like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Choose the daily option that will be better.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

Then tap on ‘Choose Account’ Here you can decide which Gmail ID is to be selected to take WhatsApp chat.

The first option will be the email id that is used to install Android device. If you want, you can also use a different email ID. You need to tap on the add account for this. And the instructions that appear will also be followed.

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Now you can decide on which type of backup you would like to create on the Internet. Just on Wi-Fi, or on Wi-Fi + Cellular.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

In backup settings, you also have the option of backing up the video. You can also make a backup of videos that are on the WhatsApp app by clicking on Include Video.

WhatsApp Chat Backup

Keep in mind that backed up data is stored in your Google Drive account here. Can not browse by browsing it as a drive client An internal backup is also made on the phone. You can keep a backup in the phone’s internal storage by tapping on the backup first. But the backup of the phone will be deleted as soon as the data is removed.

How To Take WhatsApp Chat Backup For iOS users:

Users who use WhatsApp on iPhone can also make similar backups. Open WhatsApp on iOS. Then go to Settings and go to Chat Settings. Here’s the option to chat backup here. You can choose the options given here for your convenience. The ability to make backups in iOS is on iCloud.

If You Change Handset:

If you want to use Whatsapp on your new mobile and also want to see the old chat on it, then you get the option of restore on WhatsApp. While doing so, WhatsApp will ask you whether you want to use Wi-Fi data or cellular. It’s better to restore Wi-Fi data only. Keep in mind that you have to sign on to another Android device with the same Google Account on which you backed up the WhatsApp app.

If you have any questions regarding the Whatsapp Chat Backup, please feel free to comment below.



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