Enjoy Unlimited Free Wi-Fi at Delhi Metro Stations (Blue-Line)

On Friday, Delhi Metro has announced free High-Speed WiFi facility on all Blue Line Metro stations. DMRC said that this facility will be able to use all standard internet applications within the passenger station premises. Now, passengers can enjoy free Wifi at Delhi Metro while waiting on the stations. In the next six to nine months, the Yellow Line (Huda City Center-Samaypur Badli) is also expected to start free WiFi facility.

free wifi at delhi metro

How to register yourself to use free WiFi at Delhi Metro

To avail the benefits of free WiFi at Delhi Metro stations you will need to register yourself to the Wi-Fi network and this is one-time process only. Currently, this facility is being given only at the Metro stations premises. You will not get Wi-Fi inside the running Metro.

To register, first turn on your phone, laptop or tablet’s Wi-Fi. After that, search for Wi-Fi. When searching, “Oui DMRC Free Wi-Fi” network name will come in the available Wi-Fi network list. Click on it. After this, it will ask for your mobile number. Enter your mobile number. Remember, enter the same number you have with you because an OTP will come on mobile for registration.

Now when OTP number comes on your mobile, enter that OTP code it in the box given. As soon as OTP is entered, the internet will start running on your device. Once registered, free Wi-Fi can be availed at all Metro stations of Delhi Metro’s Blue Line. It is a great initiative by DMRC to provide free WiFi at Delhi Metro stations.

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Delhi Metro Card Online Recharge App

DMRC already started free Wi-Fi facility, last year, in October, at all the six stations of the Airport Line. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said that in July, for the passengers of the Delhi Metro, mobile banking application was given to recharge their smart cards and to buy tokens. DMRC has launched the facility of cashless token cell / smart card recharges using the Quick Response (QR) code appearing on the Token Counter and Metro Station Customer Care Center.

The passenger can use application developed by HDFC bank to take the advantage of this service. Select ‘Pay Through QR’ option in the app and then you will need to scan the QR code on the ticket counter from your smartphone camera. And then the amount of rent will be deducted from your account.


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