How TrueCaller App Works? and How to Unlist Your Number From TrueCaller

is an advanced worldwide phone directory. It was introduced by a private company which is situated in Sweden and founded by two students Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam of Royal Institute of Technology in 2009.

First, the app was launched only for blackberry in 2009. Later on, the app is also introduced to other mobile platforms one by one. Truecaller app comes with many great features such as Caller ID, Truecaller Pay, Video Calling, SMS Service, and Flash Messaging etc…

Truecaller is an app that can find contact details globally by given name or mobile number, identify incoming calls, and also block calls that you don’t want to receive but how all this possible for truecaller to reach out to every mobile phone owner’s details. Let’s find out:

How TrueCaller Works?

Most of us are still curious that how truecaller app works and from where they get all information. Basically when someone installed the true caller app on their smartphones, immediately you can see an end user agreement where the app asks the user to allow access to their contact list, after that the app scan all the contact names and number from your mobile and sync with their servers and create a list in their database.

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Now when someone calls you, the app searches the same number from 100 of directories in their database and shows you the most appropriate name of the caller on your display. Only if the number already present in their database.

TrueCaller also able to trace spam calls, if large number of users reported the same number as spam in truecaller app, then it listed that number as spam in their database, so from the next time it will automatically block that number if someone receives call from that same number and user has installed the true caller app already.

Suppose, your name is Mr.X but a large number of your friends saved your name as Mr.Y in their contact list. So the app syncs the same name in their database. Then, whenever you call someone the truecaller app shows them the most preferred name of your’s that is Mr.Y in this case. You can also remove your number from TrueCaller Database.

Truecaller doesn’t require you to install their app on your phone to sync your information in their database. Your number might be available on true caller directories even you not added your number to it.

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How to Unlist or Remove your Mobile Number from TrueCaller Database:

Step 1: Go to Truecaller unlist page. Click Here- Unlist

Step 2: Enter your correct country code.


Step 3: Now enter your mobile number and verify you are not a robot.

Step 4: Click on the tab ‘Unlist Phone Number’

Voila, you have now successfully unlisted your number from truecaller database.

Trurecaller will remove your mobile number from their database within 24 hours after the request has been sent. Now, no worries about your number being shared online or even if someone tries to search your number on true caller will end up with no result.

So guys if you still have any doubt regarding How TrueCaller works? or Facing problem to unlisting your number then you can ask it in comments.



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