6 Useful Android Fingerprint Scanner App You Should Check Today

Most of the smartphones are now launching with fingerprint scanners. You can use the fingerprint sensor in the smartphone to unlock your phone. But do you know with the help of Fingerprint Scanner App you can do a lot more?

In addition to unlocking the smartphone, there you can do more additional things with the fingerprint scanner app and the free apps are available on Google Play Store.

Learn more about how you can make fingerprint sensor more useful with the help of free fingerprint scanner app’s:

7 Useful Android Fingerprint Scanner App’s

1. Lock Apps

You will be able to authenticate your device with the help of fingerprint, passcode or pattern. Many times it happens that many people use the same device. That’s why you want to keep your WhatsApp, photos, calendars or emails etc. safe. This is important when you give your phone to watch videos or play games on YouTube to your friend or relative.

AppLock – Finger print Unlock (by Cheetah Mobile) is a free app and does not even have ads. You can choose which apps you want to lock through the fingerprint scanner Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and App Installations can be locked up.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Download AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock From Play Store

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2. Hide photos from gallery

Many times you take photos and give the phone to someone else to show it. It looks strange when he swipe to see all the photographs while swiping. Caramel Apps has created an app named Solo Photo for this. You can lock some photographs with this help. This will show the same photos in the gallery which will not be locked. Basic version is free and it looks like add. For $ 1.99, its full version can be purchased, which does not have advertisements.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Download Solo Photo – Gallery Privacy From Play Store

3. Keep password safe

It is a good idea to have separate passwords for different accounts. But sometimes we forget where to enter the password. You can install LastPass app for this. You can save all your passwords inside this password vault. This app can be unlocked with fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Download LastPass Password Manager From Play Store

 4. Launch app from fingerprint sensor

The app named Fingerprint Gestures (by SuperThomasLab) gives you the option to use fingerprint sensors to perform certain actions. This feature is built in Google Pixel smartphones but you can also use it on your Android smartphone. You can launch the app with the help of gestures, make music control, open notifications, or turn on the torch. Some of these features will work on Android 6.0 only. Some features will also depend on the device.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Download Fingerprint Gestures From Play Store

 5. Capture photos with the help of fingerprint sensor

The camera app of many devices gives a photo-capture feature when tapping on the fingerprint. If your camera app does not have this setting then you can buy Dactyl (by Nick Yelito). Before purchasing this App of Rs 130, you can check its free trial version by downloading it whether it works on your phone or not.

Fingerprint Scanner App

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6. Your private diary

Do you remember those diaries in which the lock was locked? Journey (by Two App Studio) is a similar app, which can be secured with fingerprint. You can put entries in it and with the help of the cloud, they will sync with all of your devices.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Download Journey – Diary, Journal From PlayStore

  7. Make Shopping from Google Play Store Secure

This point is not about an app but more about security while purchasing app. Free apps are easily downloadable from the Google Play Store, but the Google Play Store asks your Google account password again to purchase a paid app. This ensures that you are paying only, no one else. You can use your fingerprint sensor to make this process easier.

Fingerprint Scanner App

Open Google Play Store and go to Settings. Check ‘fingerprint authentication’ here. If you have stored fingerprint on your device, now you will be able to do transactions on the Play Store with the help of that.



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